Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Hello 2024 :)

We’ve had our website now for 4 months, and what a 4 months it has been. I’m very fortunate that friend/sister/photographer/artist/dope human bean, Amber, has helped so much in the creation of our shopify! 🙏🏼 

Going into the new year, mum and I have a lot of plans for Tulip + Oink. Blogging seem the best way to connect with cutie lovers, and for you all who might not be on social media, to see what we’re working on!

This isn’t necessarily a new year’s resolution, since we’ve been planning this for months already. I think that’s how the market life goes, done one event and on to the next~

Mom doesn’t like to be photographed, but here’s a happy holidays photo from myself and my two babies!

Hope you’ve all had a great winter break, merry Christmas & Happy new year! 🥳 from Tulip + Oink (Christine & Natalie), Bernie, & Rei! ♥️ 

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